About Us


We are a global packing solution company with eight workshops in China. We begin ERJIN Pack to provide beverage companies the packing products, like aluminum cans, aluminum bottles, can ends, sealing machine, beer keg, can carrier etc.

Based on 17 years brewing experiences, Erjin provides one-stop solution for packaging projects, to help build and expand your brands. We'd be honored to work with you to share your beverages in cans, bottles or kegs, whether you're producing beer, wine, cider, cold brew coffee, herbal tea, kombucha, soda water , mineral water, juice, energy drinks, carbonated drinks, sparkling water, hard seltzer, cocktails, etc.

Our advantages

1. Experienced exporter of aluminum cans with 17 year that make our cans reach to more than 75 countries and regions in global ;
2. Supplier of top beverage brands like Budweiser, Heineken, Coca Cola, Tsingtao beer, Monster Energy, etc;
3. Various advanced production lines in 12 different factories that can supply customer with full category aluminum cans;
4. Production capacity: 10 Billion cans per year;
5. Providing different printing effects to meet customer's personalized customization demands;
6. Professional pre sale and after sale advices for your beverage filling.